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Non-commercial Agreement Questions

On Use Scope:

Q: Can I use your artwork as a background image for my personal blog?
A: Yes, you can use the artwork as a background or cover image for your personal websites, blogs, or social media accounts under the Personal and Non-commercial Use Agreement.

Q: I am a student, can I use your artwork in my academic report?
A: Yes, you are allowed to use the artwork as illustrations in your personal projects or academic reports according to the agreement.

On Story Creation:

Q: I love your stories. Can I create a new storyline based on your stories?
A: Yes, you can create a new worldview or storyline based on the Stories and sequel outline provided by the Works for personal and non-commercial purposes. However, the original author's signature must be retained, and commercial use is prohibited.

On Using ASMR Story Scripts:

Q: I have downloaded your ASMR Story Script. Can I record it and post it on my YouTube channel?
A: You can use the ASMR Story Script for personal and non-commercial recording purposes, including but not limited to YouTube videos, podcast episodes, or other non-commercial broadcasting. However, attribution to the original author is required.

Q: Can I modify your ASMR Story Script and create a new script based on it?
A: Yes, you are allowed to modify, remix, and create based on the ASMR Story Script for personal and non-commercial purposes. This may include changing certain parts, combining with other scripts, or creating a new script. However, such modification or creation can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes, and the original author's signature must be retained. Commercial use is prohibited.

On Commercial Use and Copyright:

Q: I want to use your artwork for commercial purposes. How can I do that?
A: If you need to use the Artwork, Story, and ASMR Story Script for commercial purposes, please visit the official website, and enter the title or ID of the Work you are interested in to purchase the commercial use rights.

Q: I saw your artwork on DeviantArt. Can I use it without your permission?
A: Unauthorized use of any part of the Works is prohibited and may infringe upon the copyright of the original author. You need to obtain a Personal and Non-commercial Use license through premium downloads, or acquire commercial permission for use.

Commercial Agreement Questions

For commercial use:


Q: We are a game development company, can we use your artwork as the scenery design in our games?

A: If you intend to incorporate the artwork directly into your game for commercial purposes, you must obtain commercial permission. However, if you are merely using the artwork as inspiration for creating scenes that do not directly resemble the original pieces, you may not need commercial permission. Please note that if your work continues to imitate or directly reference the original artwork to some extent, you may need to acquire commercial permission.

Q: I am a book publisher, can we use your artwork on the cover of our books?

A: Yes, you can use our artwork on the cover of your books after obtaining commercial permissions.

Q: I am a music creator, can I use your artwork as the cover of my music album?

A: Yes, you can use our artwork on your music album cover after purchasing the commercial permissions.

Q: We are an educational institution, we use your artwork or story in our teaching materials and charge tuition, do we need commercial permission?

A: Yes, if you intend to use our content in your educational products and profit from it, you need to purchase commercial permissions.

On art modifications and intent:

Q: Can I adjust the color and size of the artwork to fit my advertising needs?

A: Yes, you can make minor adjustments to our artwork to suit your needs, as long as these changes do not significantly alter the style or intent of the original artwork.

Q: As an ASMR broadcaster, can I add personalized elements to the cover image, but I don't want to drastically change the original style of the artwork, is that okay?

A: Yes, you can add personalized elements, but please make sure not to drastically change the style of the original artwork.

Q: I am a VTuber and I would like to commission an artist to redraw your artwork, incorporating my character for commercial use. However, this may significantly alter the original image, is this acceptable? If a derivative work is created based on your work, would I own the copyright?

A: Even if you have purchased a commercial license, we generally do not allow you to create derivative works significantly different from the original artwork for commercial use, as such changes usually alter the original appearance of the artwork. However, exceptions might be made depending on the situation. Regarding copyright, you may hold copyright for the new elements of your creation, but the copyright for my original artwork remains with me. If you make significant modifications to create a new work, you must provide a link to this official website as the source, along with the ID of the work. For instance, if your creation is a YouTube video, you can mention this information in the video description.

On content integration:

Q: I bought a commercial license, can I integrate stories and scripts into my own books?

A: Yes, as long as you have a commercial license, you can integrate our stories and scripts into your publications.

Q: Can I adapt your story into a movie or TV series?

A: Yes, as long as you have purchased the appropriate permissions, you can adapt our stories into movies or TV series.

Q: As an ASMR creator, can I use your ASMR story script to create my own recording and sell it?

A: Yes, you can use our ASMR story script to create your own recording and sell it after purchasing a commercial license.

On pricing and purchasing options:

Q: Do I need to purchase the same commercial license multiple times for the same artwork and story?
A: No, once a commercial license for a piece of art and story is purchased, you obtain the right to use the art and story, and there is no need for a repeated purchase. We offer three types of licenses:

Artwork + Story
Artwork + ASMR Story Script
Artwork + Story + ASMR Story Script

If you purchase the third type of license (Artwork + Story + ASMR Story Script), it already includes the content of the first two licenses, and there is no need for separate purchases. Please carefully confirm your choice during the purchasing process to avoid unnecessary repeated purchases.

Q: Why are some premium downloads on DeviantArt more expensive than buying the same works on stock photo sites, even though the latter includes commercial licenses, while your downloads on DeviantArt are for non-commercial use only?

A: If we only consider the commercial use of artworks, buying some of my works directly from stock photo sites is indeed more economical. However, my premium downloads include a range of additional content, including the artwork itself and unique art stories related to the artwork. Therefore, these works are priced higher than ordinary purchases on stock photo sites because they provide value-added services.

Q: Why do I only get a PDF file after downloading from your official website store?
A: My official website store primarily sells commercial licenses, which include the rights to use artworks and stories, and these licenses are provided in PDF format as a confirmation of your right to use the associated artwork and story. However, these purchases do not include the actual files of the artwork and story.

To obtain the actual artwork, related story, and personal license, you must first purchase the premium download from my DeviantArt to acquire the necessary files, and then purchase the commercial license from our store to gain commercial usage rights. You can visit the location where I've published the artwork by following the link provided in the product description in my official website store. If you're only interested in acquiring the artwork and its commercial usage rights, you can visit the ArtSpirit stock link for purchase.

Q: What's the difference between the commercial license from stock photo sites and the one from your official website? Which platform's licensing rules should I follow?

A: When you purchase a commercial license from our stock photo sites, you are getting the rights to use the artwork under the terms and conditions stipulated by that stock site. When you purchase a commercial license from our official website, you are getting the rights to use the artwork and story under the terms and conditions stipulated by our official website. Therefore, you should adhere to the licensing rules of the platform where you purchased the commercial license. That is, if you purchased from the stock photo sites, you should follow the licensing rules of that stock site. If you purchased from our official website, you should follow the licensing rules of our official website.

Q: There are discounted licenses on your official website, but your premium downloads don't offer bulk purchase discounts?

A: Yes, while the licenses I sell on my official website do indeed have discounts, my premium downloads on Deviantart do not offer bulk purchase discounts. This is due to the nature of the platform and the unique value each individual artwork provides.

On art creation:

Q: I noticed that most of the artwork on your official website is mainly generated by artificial intelligence, not entirely. Does this mean that there could also be original works?

A: Purely original works are indeed possible. However, considering the time cost, the proportion of original works may be far less than the quantity generated by artificial intelligence. Regardless of whether these works are AI-generated, they incorporate a high degree of creativity and skill in style, color, texture, composition, theme, and meaning. The early stages may involve a lot of keyword modifications, while the later work includes but is not limited to layer blending, perspective, geometry, visual perception theory, color psychology, and more.

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