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This is the commercial license purchase page for the artwork, accompanying story, and ASMR script of 'ใ€Š A Fantasy Flower Scene with Lots of Pink Roses, in the Style of Intricate Underwater Worlds - ID 285661834 ใ€‹' If you have not yet purchased the personal license for this artwork, please first visit this link for a premium download to obtain the high-resolution file of the work, the PDF story file, the PDF ASMR script, and the personal license. After completing the purchase, you can return here to buy the commercial license for business use.




๐Ÿท๏ธ Story Title: Blossom Tides


๐Ÿ“š Story Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Magic, Mystery, Friendship


๐Ÿ“˜ Story Summary:


Marina, a fairy from an aquatic realm, is on a mission to heal her dying world. To do so, she needs the essence of pink roses from the mystical flower scene. As she embarks on her journey, she encounters both allies and foes and learns the intertwined fate of her world and the rose sanctuary.




๐Ÿ“œ ASMR Story Title: The Enchanted Rose Abyss


๐Ÿ“‘ ASMR Story Summary:


Venturing through a unique underwater passage, the listener discovers the Rose Abyss - a sacred enclave where time seems to stand still. There, delicate sea creatures tend to expansive gardens of roses, their movements gentle, creating soft, soothing ripples. The listener follows a gentle seahorse guiding them through a dreamy maze, finally arriving at a crystalline grotto where the whispers of the ocean promise eternal rest.

ID 285661834 Artwork + Story + ASMR Script - Commercial License

$75.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
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