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This is the commercial license purchase page for the artwork and its associated ASMR script of 'ใ€Š An Old Tree in the Forest of a Fantasyscape, in the Style of Orient-Inspired - ID 285662007 ใ€‹' If you have not yet purchased the personal license for this artwork, please first visit this link for a premium download to obtain the high-resolution file of the work, the PDF ASMR script, and the personal license. After completing the purchase, you can return here to buy the commercial license for business use.




๐Ÿ“œ ASMR Story Title: Cascading Dreams of Orient Dew


๐Ÿ“‘ ASMR Story Summary:


With every dawn in the fantasyscape forest, glistening dewdrops form on the tree's leaves. The gentle pitter-patter sound of them dripping onto soft moss evokes dreams inspired by the Orient. As you close your eyes, the rhythmic sounds guide you through landscapes of cherry blossoms and jade mountains.

ID 285662007 Artwork + ASMR Script - Commercial License

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